Action on fouling is increased

Senior Public Protection Officer Stephen Hall.
Senior Public Protection Officer Stephen Hall.

Council patrols have been stepped up in Morpeth to catch irresponsible dog owners.

Residents in Stobhill have reported a rise in people failing to clean up after their pets, prompting officers from Northumberland County Council to increase their surveillance of the area.

Ward councillor Ian Lindley said: “Residents are sick and tired of a few miserable individuals, too lazy to pick up or too disorganised to prevent their dogs straying.

“Dog wardens and other officers have responded by paying special attention to our area and have fined several people. We intend to catch more.

“Our streets should be safe and pleasant for children, pushchairs and wheelchairs.”

The council has a zero-tolerance approach to dog fouling, with owners who fail to pick up the mess risking fines of up to £1,000.

Senior Public Protection Officer Stephen Hall said: “We continue to provide ample warning via notices on lampposts and pavement stencils. We also impound any dog found wandering alone.

“Stobhill is close to our depot and we are happy to support Ian by providing numerous ad-hoc, as well as regular planned surveillance visits.

“We will continue to fine offenders until the message gets home.”

To report offenders call 0845 600 6400, or visit