Action to be taken to deter vandals

Cricket board at Red Row Welfare.
Cricket board at Red Row Welfare.

Steps are being taken to give vandalism and anti-social behaviour the boot at Red Row Welfare.

In his Northumberland County Council update to members of East Chevington Parish Council, Coun Scott Dickinson admitted the area did have some issues.

As part of attempts to stop vandalism, a dilapidated cricket scoreboard hut, which is currently being used as a toilet, has been recommended for removal.

“It’s beyond repair and currently it is just abused,” said Coun Dickinson.

He said snapped goalposts will be replaced soon while the old pavilion has been secured following an attempted break-in.

Meanwhile, Coun John Leach raised concerns about vandalism at Chevington Community Park. He said that it had been littered with glass for almost a week, while a safety rail on an item of play equipment had been pulled off.

Talking about the state of the parish, Coun Dickinson told members that mini-sweepers have been going around the estates and footpaths.

He added that cycle paths and walking areas which had sparked concern from parish councillors and residents have had an extra grass-cut.

At the same meeting, members were told that much-needed ground maintenance work is to take place in the parish.

Katherine Glen, housing manager of Isos Housing, said: “About two years ago, we invested some money on additional improvements to the area, which came over and above the ordinary grass-cutting.

“It improved the area massively, but there has been a misunderstanding about responsibility. This has been resolved and work has started to bring things up to standard.

“We will be working area by area and it will be brought back up to the standard it is supposed to be.”

Coun Dickinson said that a section in the middle of a grassed area at Woodside Crescent was not being cut. Katherine said she will investigate the issue.

She also encouraged people to report any concerns they have to the company, who will then investigate. Call 0300 300 1505.