Agency benefits more children

MORE children across the North East are benefiting from the Child Support Agency, new figures show.

Last year the number of children helped through the system totalled 46,910 in the region — up 610 on the previous year, while £59.4million in child maintenance payments was collected or arranged.

The news follows an announcement that parents in Northumberland will be the first in the country to benefit from a new support initiative.

Staff at children’s centres, including Lynemouth, will be trained along with midwives and health visitors to recognise if someone may be in need of help with child maintenance issues and point them to support.

Child Maintenance Commissioner Stephen Geraghty said; “Most parents caring for children in the North East can now reasonably expect to receive what they are entitled to through the agency.”

He added that once regular payments are established, parents may be able to consider their own arrangements.

For more information about child maintenance call 0800 988 0988 or visit