All shapes and sizes on display at veggie show

Andy Scott took first place in the leek section of the show. Picture by Keith Robertson.
Andy Scott took first place in the leek section of the show. Picture by Keith Robertson.

The Middleton and District Leek Show once again received strong support from the community.

As well as the competitions, residents came along to Middleton Village Hall to bid in the auction and join in with a raffle and tombola.

A decent amount, more than £500, was raised – the money will go towards next year’s event.

Show secretary and treasurer Andrew Elliott said: “Overall, it was a good show this year.

“The vegetable section in particular had a decent number of entries, although entries were down on last year in the industrial section.

“We were quite surprised by the quality of some of the leek entries given the wet summer.

“We were very well supported yet again by the local community, including at the auction of produce.”

After the AGM next month, there will be a monthly draw to help raise funds for the 2016 event. Show committee members will be asked to sell £10 worth of tickets.

Show results


Leek show winner: A Scott. Best leek in show: R Young. Intermediate leek: J Bertram. Most improved stand: R Mitchell. Dressed onion: J Bertram. Vegetable: J Bertram. Flower: R Murdy. Industrial: J Summerscales. Heaviest onion: R Murdy. Children: Photo: W Thompson. Bake item: T Faill.


Beetroot: 1 J Mills; 2 R Murdy; 3 J Bertram. Onion sets: 1 & 2 R Murdy; 3 J Mills. Cabbage: 1 J Bertram; 2 J Murdy. Tomatoes: 1 R Murdy; 2 J Mills. Kidney potatoes: 1 R Murdy; 2 J Bertram. Round potatoes: 1 J Bertram; 2 J Mills. Carrots: 1 J Bertram; 2 J Mills; 3 R Murdy. Cauliflower: 1 J Mills. Cucumber: 1 J Bertram. Celery: 1 J Mills. Group of vegetables: 1 J Mills; 2 J Bertram. Funny shaped vegetable: 1 J Bertram. Turnip: 1 A Scott; 2 J Bertram; 3 R Murdy. Heaviest onion: 1 R Murdy; 2 J Mills. Dressed onion: 1 J Bertram; 2 A Scott.


Pompom dahlias: 1 R Murdy. Cactus dahlias: 1 R Murdy. Decorative dahlias: 1 R Murdy. Roses: 1 & 3 A Watson; 2 M Watson. Gladioli: 1 R Murdy. Pinks: 1 & 2 R Murdy. Sweet peas 1 & 2 R Murdy; 3 H Elliott. Chrysanthemums: 1 R Murdy. Pot plant: 1 R Murdy.


Plain scones: 1 J Summerscale; 2 L Thompson. Shortbread: 1 J Summerscale. Currant scones: 1 J Summerscale; 2 L Thompson. Cheese scones: 1 L Thompson; 2 & 3 J Summerscale. Rock buns: 1 J Summerscale. Gingerbread: 1 H Elliott; 2 J Summerscale. Quiche: 1 J Summerscale; 2 & 3 L Thompson Victoria sponge cake: 1 H Elliott; 2 J Summerscale. Chocolate cake: 1 S Robson; 2 R Greally. Fruit cake: 1 R Murdy; 2 J Summerscale; 3 L Thompson. Raspberry jam: 1 J Summerscale. Blackcurrant jam: 1 J Summerscale. Gooseberry jam: 1 J Summerscale. Plum jam: 1 J Summerscale. Lemon curd: 1 L Thompson. Blackberry jam: 1 S Robson.


Home made wine: R Murdy. Home made liqueur: 1 L Thompson; 2 R Murdy.


1 A Scott, 145.86; 2 R Young 178.79; 3 R Mitchell, 125.28; D Taylor, 133.45; 5 J Mills, 153.53; 6 J Summerscales, 179.25; 7 A Elliott, 88.72; 8 C Taylor, 96.34; 9 T Garnick, 109.13; 10 P Hedges, 131.93; 11 J Hogg, 134.98; 12 B Robson, 109.76; 13 S Butters, 107.59; 14 R Greally, 71.22.