ALLOTMENTS: Keep them safe for long-term

I'm not sure that bringing a new cinema to Ashington would give the town the boost to its local economy that previous development proposals would have done.

Saturday, 10th March 2018, 05:00 am

But if the cinema priced the tickets so it competes with Cramlington and Newcastle, and puts on films people want to see, an Ashington cinema could draw people in from a variety of parts of the county.

As the success of the cinema events at Morpeth Town Hall show, cinema still works as an effective escape from a cold winter’s day for all generations.

I wonder if Pegswood Parish Council and the county councillor for the area have given some thought as to how to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow on the road through Pegswood, past its school and on to Longhirst?

Clearly the bypass opening some years ago had a positive effect on a percentage of traffic through Pegswood, and will continue to do so.

But as Pegswood expands in the years to come thought should be given to infrastructure improvements that are needed to keep up with the demands.

Amidst the complex technical discussions over the new leasing agreements for the Tommy’s Field Allotment Association and Morpeth Town Council, I assume that an agreement over the new boundaries for the allotments has been reached.

This is important given that the building of the new roundabout at the bottom of St George’s Drive was heavily signposted for April 2018, which would tie in with the end of the latest bout of Dark Lane drainage maintenance.

What would also be interesting is how safe the 25-year agreements are from future local authority alternative land use plans for the allotment site.

As ever with contracts, the detailed parts will be in the small print.

Myself, I hope the allotments are safe for 25 years and beyond.

I even hope for a day when the internal fencing is safe to remove so the allotments seem more like they used to be.

The issue of public transport access to the Cramlington hospital has been around for as long as the hospital itself has.

Yet very few improvements have been made, leaving people who have had treatment there paying the cost of a taxi ride home.

Not everyone has a relative with a car available at a moment’s notice, and a busy hospital is limited as to the help it can offer to get people home, compared to the days gone by.

The direct bus service to Cramlington from Morpeth has been limited for many years, no doubt because of a perceived lack of demand.

A Morpeth or Pegswood resident visiting the hospital would prefer a more direct bus route home than to have to go via Gosforth or Ashington, or Blyth at best.

It continues to be a surprise that no progress has been made on this important matter.

Robert Pollard,

Northbourne Avenue,