Angela makes an 11,000-mile trip

Morpeth Lion Simon Pringle shakes hands with Warkworth New Zealand Lion Angela Taylor at Warkworth Castle.
Morpeth Lion Simon Pringle shakes hands with Warkworth New Zealand Lion Angela Taylor at Warkworth Castle.

Morpeth Lions Club

Here is a question you are highly unlikely to be asked in a pub quiz, ‘How far is it from Warkworth in Northumberland to Warkworth, New Zealand?’

There is a relevance to the question that involves Morpeth Lions Club; as it was in 2015 that Morpeth Lion member Simon Pringle happened to be in Warkworth, New Zealand, with his partner Jennie McLean.

The UK’s Warkworth is only 15 miles from Morpeth and that prompted the visit to the New Zealand town that has a population of around 5,000 residents.

While walking around the lovely New Zealand town, Jennie spotted some Lions tidying up after distributing food to people involved in the local ANZAC Remembrance Day.

Thus a conversation was started resulting in a Morpeth Lions Club banner being presented to the Warkworth Club, which was immediately reciprocated.

Simon and Jennie had been talking to the Club President Angela Taylor and her husband Trevor.

Then on leaving, Simon left his details with Angela and invited her to contact them if they ever happened to be in the UK.

Fast forward two years and completely ‘out of the blue’ came an email from Angela saying she was touring the country and would be in nearby Newcastle the following week and could she meet up for coffee.

Accordingly arrangements were made.

Bang on time Angela arrived, but sadly without Trevor, who had died the previous year.

She had been in Scotland working on her family tree and proposed to do likewise in Newcastle before continuing her travels on to Halifax, Chester, Lincoln and then finally London, where a nephew lives.

After their coffee it was decided that lunch was called for; followed by a visit to see a spectacular view of Alnwick Castle.

And then Simon and Jennie felt privileged to introduce Angela to the UK’s village of Warkworth.

She loved the village with its ancient bridge, church and castle and hopes that, if time permits, she can drive herself back there on this trip.

If not, she knows she is welcome to stay with Simon and Jennie the next time she visits England.

And the answer to the unlikely quiz question on how far it is between Warkworth in the UK and Warkworth, New Zealand, is 11,109 miles.