Application for new homes re-submitted

Plans for a new housing development in Pegswood are back on the table.

The bid by Mike Robertson for 10 new properties and the sub-division of the historic Cookswell House into three separate dwellings has been re-submitted to Northumberland County Council. There were more than 25 objections to the initial proposal.

Three two-storey detached homes would be constructed on the western element of the site, three pairs of detached bungalows would be developed on the eastern section of the site and there would also be one further new-build to the south of Cookswell House.

Proposed works also include the demolition of the existing stable building, creation of a new highway access and block of four double garages and removing six trees.

The application was withdrawn due to outstanding issues requiring further information being identified in the course of the application process.

This included the need to address matters related to historic mining risk and also the potential for surface-water flooding in the local area as a result of the development.

As a result, investigation works have been carried out at the site.

Mr Robertson said: “Once the application was submitted, we were advised that further studies and information would be required to satisfy the requirements of the full planning department.

“We withdrew the application and have followed all the correct channels at length to cover all the points we have been advised on.

“Now this has been achieved, we have re-submitted our planning application.

“Throughout the process, every care has been undertaken to ensure thoroughness, good communications and a ‘correct way of doing things’.”

He added that claims of a covenant on part of the land that says it can only be used for horse grazing, which were made by an objector, are untrue.

In the design and access statement for the application, the applicant’s agent, Robin Wood, said: “The design of the whole development is intended to bring forward three distinct and cohesive forms of development.

“Each of these, it is considered within the character of the site and the site shape, are distinct elements which are acceptable and consistent with the context in which they are proposed.

“The scale and mass of the proposed detached dwellings in conjunction with their siting and the separation distance from existing dwellings also ensures there are no issues of over-dominance or overbearing scale of development.

“Although the site is greenfield, this is not prejudicial to the acceptability of development on it, on the basis that a sequential approach to development within a sustainable settlement is no longer a pre-requisite to a scheme being acceptable.”

The objections to the initial application included concerns that it would constitute over-development, result in a loss of privacy, increase flood risk in the area and a lack of space for the bin-collection service would create a road-safety issue.

A parallel application submitted for listed building consent for alterations to Cookswell House in order to facilitate its sub-division to three dwellings was granted in 2013.

As a consequence, no other listed building consent is required in order to enable the implementation of the works proposed in this application.