Apply now for free school travel pass

YOUNG people in Northumberland are being urged to apply now to guarantee free travel to and from their place of study.

A travel pass is provided by Northumberland County Council to full-time post-16 students attending sixth forms, further education and specialist colleges during term time providing certain criteria is met.

Students must be attending a full-time course for at least 12 hours a week at the nearest education centre, which must also be at least three miles away from their home.

Those who know where they will be studying in the next academic year can apply for their pass now and if they do so before Friday, July 20, they are guaranteed to have it by the start of term.

After this date, the council will process the application as quickly as possible, but it may not be ready for September 4. For more information or to apply for the student pass online go to

Paper forms are available at The Integrated Transport Unit, County Hall, Morpeth, NE61 2EF, or by calling 0845 600 6400.