ARCH: Hope residents are listened to

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Given the concerns Coun Peter Jackson raised a number of times about how Arch was being run and his undoubted knowledge of the subject, talk about establishing the ‘parameters of the Arch strategic review’ would appear to support his views that the review could take months.

It would be interesting to see how the review is conducted, for example, through an existing county council committee, but also whether external help will be needed to consider how well Arch has been run.

Given the concern this issue has raised with residents, hopefully their voices will be heard too.

l When Blockbusters had a branch in Morpeth, I used to go regularly. It has been closed for some years now.

I was surprised in a shop in Ashington recently by someone who used to work there and remembered me, so we talked for a while about what a good manager Linda was.

But like everywhere else, shopping habits change in Morpeth and shops come and go.

While it’s pleasant to remember the range of shops in Bridge Street and Newgate Street of the past, the high quality of customer service people received in Blockbusters is received in various Morpeth shops on a daily basis.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue,