ARCH: Much work to drive forward

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My partner has a cat called Poppy. From time to time a cat bell around her neck would be a useful reminder to me to pay attention as to where she was, particularly in the mornings and last thing at night when I tend to think in straight lines, that is focus on my immediate priorities.

It was surprising to read recently that a cat bell was considered a deterrent to crime, particularly at a time of an increase in crimes being reported and the police voicing increasing concerns about the budgetary challenges they face.

If local politicians want to help do something to fight crime, there are a range of people to talk to, from local residents to the police and social services.

Whether they will find much support for a cat bell, who knows?

I wonder when the county council will finish its review of Arch, which was mentioned in the Press some time ago.

There is much work in different parts of the county for Arch to drive forward, from developing alternative usage plans for the site of what was going to be the new County Hall in Ashington to bringing new retail opportunities to Bedlington.

It can also look at what can be done to revitalise the shopping options in Blyth.

Each town in the county has issues that Arch could be contributing to to help boost the infrastructure that the expanding populations in our towns will need as the new houses are built.

Robert Pollard

Northborne Avenue