ARTEFACTS: Still searching for a home?

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I wonder if there has been any progress made in arranging a Morpeth location for the former Morpeth Town Hall collection of historical items of interest.

The last time it was mentioned they were stored in Pegswood, with the cost of the storage being met by concerned local people.

Hopefully, one or two of our county councillors have been shown around the collection to get an idea of the range of items and the possibilities for exhibiting them as it’s always helpful to have someone lobbying for you in the labyrinth corridors of County Hall.

I was visiting my favourite bakers recently when I noticed that one of the regulars wasn’t there.

The staff had served him for many years and he had often mentioned that he was creature of habit; he liked sticking to the same routine.

The person I was talking to found this idea of liking a routine difficult to grasp.

If I had explained how much of my life over the years had been linked to doing things at a specific time, also that it was a generational thing that both my father and grandparents did too, well, the queue would have built up behind me and I would have been unpopular at my favourite bakers.

There have been numerous filmed versions of the Gunpowder Plot made over the years.

The recent BBC version has attracted some attention for how challenging life was at the time so it will have enabled people to go on the internet and check the historical accuracy of the drama, also to get an idea of the Protestant and Catholic perspective on events of the time.

For some people, this part of history will be new to them as with the passing of time history syllabuses change at school, as does the way history is taught.

For a drama to work it should stimulate discussion. A drama that took place centuries ago may even provide a wider discussion than the latest reality TV shows.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue