Athlete Mike fills in the cracks with his fascinating sequal

Mike Harris has released his new book.
Mike Harris has released his new book.

A talented and successful amateur athlete has published the second instalment of his fascinating autobiography.

In 2016, Mike Harris, from Widdrington, unveiled Sixty Years an Athlete – telling the story of his glittering sporting exploits.

Mike Harris has released his new book.

Mike Harris has released his new book.

The book generated much interest about his life – both sporting and general – so he decided to write a sequel.

Entitled Sixty Years an Athlete Part Two: Just Filling in the Cracks, his follow-up covers topics which were not featured in the debut.

He covers questions such as what he thought about during training, what he ate to fuel his body for three workouts a day and how he balanced exercise with family and work.

Littered with humour, it also focuses on other aspects of his life, including playing in blues bands.

Mike, 66, said: “I had an excellent response and sold many copies of the first book, and as a result of so many additional inquiries, I was inspired to write the follow-up.

“The first book was mainly about me as an ambitious amateur athlete, whereas the new book is about so many other issues which took place alongside athletic training and competitive sport.”

Former Royal Marine Mike won British triathlon championships, clinched European Championship medals and was a former British Ironman record holder – all while he was a working amateur.

The book is available from Scissors and Spice hairdressers and Grange Garage, both Widdrington, Waterstones book shop in Morpeth, and online at Amazon.