Author launches challenge

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As part of the BT and Barclays Wi-Fi in our community programme, Lynemouth Library is one of a selection of regional sites across England participating in a creative writing competition for budding young authors.

Aspiring writers in each of the sites, with support from local Barclays Digital Eagles, will be invited to contribute a chapter for a brand new story by Shane Hegarty, author of the hugely popular Darkmouth series, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books.

One chapter from each area will go on to be featured in the final book. Shane Hegarty has set the scene with a gripping first chapter, set in the Darkmouth universe, which sees heroes, Emily and Damian, set off on a whirlwind adventure across the country in pursuit of a mythical monster.

The competition is a chance for under 18s in Lynemouth, to make use of the free BT and Barclays Wi-Fi to continue the story, writing a 500-word chapter about Emily and Damian’s monster-hunting exploits in their area. Entrants are encouraged to use the internet as a resource for their research and inspiration.

Author Shane Hegarty said: “The power of story-telling is universal no matter what age we are and my mission as a children’s author is to spark my readers’ imaginations. It is a common assumption that the internet distracts young people from reading. However, online access opens up a world of inspiration, as well as providing a valuable research resource. I am challenging young people to make use of the free BT and Barclays Wi-Fi in their local library to contribute to the story chain, thinking creatively about how they can incorporate elements of their local area into the chapter. I’m very excited to see what adventures Emily and Damian come across and to judging the submissions.”

Submissions must be made by November 30, contact Lynemouth Library for more information.