Authorities take steps to share more information

CROSS-COUNCIL meetings will be set up to try to ensure a better working relationship between authorities.

Northumberland County Council has written to Morpeth Town Council outlining how it plans to work more closely with town and parish authorities to share information.

Members of the town’s Finance and General Purposes Committee were told that regular meetings will be set up between senior councillors and officers of the two authorities.

Town Clerk Gillian Turner said: “The county council has been in touch to say it would like to meet the Mayor of this council and another councillor to resume meetings that started a few years ago where a couple of officers came down to talk to us. They will be coming to talk about what is going on at County Hall and to get our feedback.”

Coun Ken Brown welcomed the move.

“I think this is a positive move,” he said.

“Anybody who has been to our Planning and Transport Committee in the last nine months will know how fed up we are at not getting responses from the county council. If these meetings happen it will be a good step forward.

“It is all about partnership working and providing the best services, but the county council has never really been good at the exchange of information or responding to queries.”

Coun Nic Best said any discussions must be reported back to all councillors.

“It would be essential for us to establish clear routes for the Mayor and councillors to report all of the discussions to the committees and the council,” he said.

Members were due to decide at a full council meeting last night which councillors will attend the talks.