Authority has many reasons to be cheerful

There were plenty of positives to report as a local council looked back on the previous 12 months.

The annual assembly of the Parish of Pegswood included a report from the chairman of Pegswood’s Parish authority, Simon Willcox.

He started by declaring 2013/14 a busy and successful year and thanking councillors for their commitment and dedication.

Highlighting notable developments, Coun Willcox said: “We have installed new noticeboards at prominent locations around the village.

“These can be used by the whole community and we welcome you to use this advertising space to publicise your group or activity.

“The long-running saga at Phase 3 Community Park appears to be finally resolved with Banks Mining now finishing off the restoration. Thanks go to Coun David Woodard, he has been championing this for the Parish.

“The garden competition has once again been a huge success.

“Our new enhanced website was launched in February ( and a section of it is for community groups.”

He praised the work of the team, mainly made up of volunteers, which has been working to improve the woodland area at Colliers Hill and mentioned the history book project that the council is helping to fund.

Later in the assembly, Parish Council clerk Kevin Cassie presented a finance report. The authority received an extra £6,300 of income – it came from Northumberland County Council to cover a number of years of overcharging for grass cutting in the village.

However, a reduction of £6,000 on VAT refunds offset the majority of this increase.