Battle for bus stop pays off

A DRIVE by a group of Ponteland residents to get a new bus stop installed is bearing fruit.

Following a campaign by people living in Old Station Court and Darras Mews, a facility was erected earlier this summer at Broadway, Darras Hall.

Public transport users are making good use of it to get on buses for Newcastle and Hexham.

A petition was submitted to Ponteland Town Council two years ago and after speaking to the authority, bus operators, the ward councillor and adjacent residents, Northumberland County Council agreed to put the bus stop in place.

Darras Mews resident Viv Whyte, one of those who wrote to the county council calling for it to be installed, said: “It was agreed some time ago so I did think that it may have been one of the casualties of the budget cuts . Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to see it completed this summer.

“It’s important to have a bus stop on Broadway as our nearest one was quite some distance away in Middle Drive and it was a major effort for those less mobile to get there.

“Many of us in Darras Mews and those living in Old Station Court use the stop, and hopefully in the future a shelter and seat will be added.”

County councillor Veronica Jones said: “The campaign was something I supported, as it was a long walk to get to the bus stop on Middle Drive, so I’m pleased that it has now been installed.”