BAY: Area’s demise is ‘progress’

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“Druridge Bay is voted one of the UK’s hidden gems” (Morpeth Herald, December 15), and this is supported by Jude Leitch, Director of Northumberland Tourism

But in a letter in the same edition, under “Tourism is spoiling it”, there are concerns about the same Bay.

While I agree with Judith Page, the letter writer, that about 40 years ago “it was a wild, natural and beautiful place”, I cannot agree that it is tourism that is spoiling it.

Is it not vandalism, the total disrespect of nature and misuse of the area by people who use it as a lavatory for their beloved pets?

The Bay used to be enjoyed by real naturists who were able to sunbathe, walk and swim without clothes or harassment from the local police.

Now, except for the annual charity ‘skinny dip’ when the voyeurs are outnumbered by brave naturists who claim their lawful right to be naked, very few ignore the prudish convention of the dog walkers and others.

The attraction is no longer the beach, sea or dunes, but the “country park”, which perhaps earns a very small income for Northumberland County Council taxpayers from car parking, etc.

It would be unthinkable for police to be employed to protect toilets from vandalism that could be provided by either a council or the National Trust, away from the park.

Yes, Judith, the Bay we used to enjoy has sadly gone forever.

Never mind. Our children’s grandchildren will not remember that which we have failed to preserve for them. It is called progress.

Norman Bateman

Low Espley