Beavers keep promise to get all their badges

Morpeth Beavers with their badges
Morpeth Beavers with their badges

Four Beaver Scouts were prepared to put in a lot of time and effort to complete their full set of badges.

Aidan Bradley, Jack Kirby, George Marley and Dylan Walker from the 4th Morpeth Friday colony spent two years earning all of the 28 that were available at the time.

They successfully met the criteria in a range of subjects as well as the six main challenges – creative, fitness, friendship, global, outdoor and promise.

This also meant that they received the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, the highest accolade a Beaver can achieve.

To mark their feat, Castle Morpeth Scouts District Commissioner Clive Rich presented each of the quartet with a medal, certificate and a large ‘Beaver – well done’ badge.

Colony leader Jessica Jones said: “When Jack, George, Dylan and Aidan had been with us for 18 months, I realised they were pretty close to getting all their badges and when I told them, they decided to put in the extra effort, including some work at home, to achieve the full set.

“I’m extremely proud of them and it’s nice to see jumpers full of badges. The boys thoroughly enjoyed doing them.

“Two have now moved on to Cubs and the other two will soon. Given what they have achieved, some of our younger members are very interested in finding out what they need to do to get all their badges, although the Scout Association has since introduced nine new badges for them to earn.”

The colony for ages six to eight meets at the Scouts’ building in Low Stanners between 5.45pm and 6.45pm.