‘Bloke’ gives an interesting talk to members

Ulgham WI

‘Not often a bloke out talks a WI’ was the closing comment of Barry Mead, a passionate archaeologist who kept members enthralled with his talk on Bothal Observed.

His presentation was entertaining and educational, with tasty tidbits such as the meaning behind the name Bothal and Ulgham Grange, the unorthodox behaviour of the 1672 Rector of St Andrew’s and the significance of the two trees by the war memorial.

Lots of questions were asked and answered and myths dispelled.

Members were asked to spot the oldest stone in St Andrew’s Church and given an insight into some of the burial customs.

Mr Mead is certainly a speaker worth listening to – the time flew by and members were surprised when he said: “Right, put the kettle on”. Had the evening really gone so quickly?

The subject for the next meeting on July 17 in Ulgham WI Hall is The last Mayoress of Wallsend.