Braden says yes to votes change

A FORMER student at Morpeth’s high school will play a part in the national campaign for a change to the voting system.

Braden Davy has been recognised by the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign as one of 100 leading Faces for Change and he will be a local organiser to spread information of the alternative vote (AV) referendum throughout the North East.

On May 5, the public will decide whether they want to change the UK General Election voting system to AV, where voters mark candidates in order of preference, or keep first-past-the-post in place.

Mr Davy, who attended King Edward VI School and now studies Economics at Durham University, said: “Throughout the 2010 election campaign I was being told by Labour that they were going to win in Wansbeck and by the Lib Dems a vote for anyone but them would be wasted as they were the only party who could beat Labour.

“I don’t want to be told why I shouldn’t vote for people, I want to know what parties stand for, what they believe in. I don’t think MPs should have seats for life, I think they should have to work hard and they shouldn’t be guaranteed to be elected again and again. MPs should have to get at least 50 per cent of our votes to win.”

He is also part of a separate campaign to encourage county residents to put Northumbrian on the census form due to be filled in on Sunday.

A ‘Write Northumbrian on the 2011 census’ group has been set up on Facebook, relating to the question ‘How would you describe your national identity?’