Brewery bid causes a stink with residents

Plans to create a mini beer factory are brewing up a storm in the community.

An application has been submitted to Northumberland County Council to turn a car repair workshop and offices into a micro-brewery with sales and tasting rooms at Meadowfield House in Meadowfield, Ponteland.

The business would have three full-time staff and would be open from 8am to 11pm Monday to Saturday, and from 8am to 6pm on Sundays.

However, Ponteland Town Council is concerned about fumes from the operation and says ventilation requires serious consideration, while four objections have been submitted by residents in neighbouring Kirkley Drive.

They say they are worried about smells from the brewery, noise, the long hours of operation, impact on privacy and the appearance of a flue, and they fear there could be an impact on the wider community as the building is situated on the border of a housing estate, elderly accommodation and schools.

One of the objectors, Barry Donnelly, states: “We are very concerned about any smell from the ventilation system given off during the brewing process. After researching micro-brewing online it has done nothing to alleviate our concerns.”

In addition, the council’s Public Protection department is also opposed to the plan, saying insufficient information has been provided on the noise and odour that may be produced by the micro-brewery that is likely to affect nearby residential amenity, as well as the impact of the proposed opening hours.

It says that further assessment of noise is required, and an odour assessment may also be needed.