BREXIT: Accept result of the vote

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I was deeply concerned to read the letter from Angels for Europe, yet another group who cannot accept the majority vote.

I agree that things must be sorted out, but the bureaucrats in Brussels seem to be making it as hard as possible because they are afraid of the consequences for them when we leave.

We should be able to make our own laws and not be dictated to by Brussels.

The money that we don’t have to pay to prop up the EU will eventually be ours to subsidise our own internal affairs, such as control of our banking system, human rights laws, the rights of EU citizens resident here, and agriculture, to name but a few.

We will also be free to decide with which countries to trade. What right has Europe to tell us with whom to trade?

We should be able to choose the best deal for us, not Brussels.

I would gladly take to the streets to stand up for my right to make my own decisions and not incur the scorn of those who cannot accept the result of the referendum – I did know what I was voting for.

Of course, this will run on and on.

But if those who are shouting for another referendum get their way and we vote leave again, what then?

I’d be more than happy to engage in civilised debate with any of the signatories.

Maryan Duckworth

Wansbeck Street,