BREXIT: Calls growing for new vote

I was interested to read that in a recent survey carried out in Morpeth by Angels for Europe and North East for Europe the majority of people, irrespective of how they voted in the referendum, thought Brexit was not going well and that they should have a say on the deal the Prime Minister brings back from Brussels, (Morpeth Herald, October 18).

Saturday, 3rd November 2018, 07:00 am
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 08:03 am

The survey was reflected on a much larger scale nationally when huge crowds of more than 700,000 people, according to police estimates, marched peacefully through London to demand a new chance to decide our country’s path once we know the facts about the Government’s proposed deal with the EU.

They were drawn from all political hues and had travelled from every corner of the British Isles, including Northumberland. Some had voted leave in the referendum, but now wanted the right to vote on the real facts and the real options.

The numbers are growing; when I went on a similar demonstration in March 2017, the police estimated that 100,000 people took part. No wonder more people are asking for a say on the final deal now that it looks like we are heading for a miserable deal — one that nobody voted for.

It is a million miles away from what was promised two years ago when we were told by Liam Fox that a free trade agreement with the EU would be “one of the easiest in human history”, and by Boris Johnson that the UK would still have access to the single market.

If we leave the EU with a bad deal, or crash out with no deal at all, as the European Research Group advocates, the impact will be felt across Northumberland and our country for generations. It will never be forgotten, and those who campaigned for Brexit and rejected the idea of a People’s Vote will be held to account.

It is time for MPs Ian Lavery and Anne-Marie Trevelyan to start knocking on more doors in Northumberland and listening to what their constituents really want.

Diane Milburn