BREXIT: Democracy did not end in 2016

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A woman looked at me in the eye, face to face, while I was out campaigning with Angels for Europe.

She said: “Bridget, do you not believe in democracy?”

She was referring to the outcome of the June 2016 referendum.

Yes, I do believe in democracy. That includes the right to disagree and argue the case.

Angels are out in the streets asking passers-by for their views.

We are meeting and discussing Brexit with our MPs, and they don’t all share our opinions.

We are sending summaries of our surveys to our MPs and the media.

We write to the papers, and welcome responses to our letters even where they disagree.

We welcome the free press in this country which allows all points of view to be expressed, and the local papers are doing exactly that.

At the moment, we are scrutinising the amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill and we will be contacting our Northumberland MPs to ask them to support ones we agree with.

This is democracy in action.

Should we just be sitting back and let this Brexit process continue unscrutinised when we consider it to be an irrational act of national suicide?

Democracy didn’t come to an end in June 2016.

Bridget Gubbins

Angels for Europe