BREXIT: Desperate to keep us tied in

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There appears to be no tactic that the European Union will not use to try to stop our country’s Brexit.

The latest is a claim by its chief negotiator Michael Barnier that if the negotiations fail it will be harder to travel with pets from the UK to the EU.

It sounds rather petulant to me, but suggests it is willing to use any opportunity to try to threaten and frighten the British public.

The EU knows that we are a nation of animal lovers so it may see this as a means to scare those who travel abroad with their pets.

It is my opinion that the EU seems desperate for Brexit to fail and for us to remain tied to its apron strings because it needs our money to keep the project afloat.

It is no wonder it keeps coming up with pie-in-the-sky divorce settlement figures and scaremongering devices.

Jonathan Arnott

UKIP North East MEP