BREXIT: Expressing our point of view

Jack Gebhard feels that some people made the right choice to stick two fingers to the condescending establishment by voting to leave the EU (Morpeth Herald, October 5).

Which establishment does he mean?

He calls Angels “arch remoaners” and accuses them of “re-naming a debate settled in a national referendum last year”.

We see our role as exercising our democratic right to express our point of view.

It was Nigel Farage who, prior to the referendum, stated that should the vote result in a margin as narrow as 52-48 in favour of remain, then the campaign would continue.

Now that the consequences of Brexit are becoming clearer, more people are having second thoughts. We have discovered that many young people who did not, or could not, vote in June 2016 are strong supporters of our position.

In addition, many others who voted remain are glad we have the chance to discuss their news with us.

We plan to be in Morpeth town centre within the next few months and will be pleased to discuss this mater further.

Angels For Europe