Bring back community spirit

COASTAL communities have been urged to pull together in inter-village activities.

Members of the Coastal Villages Community Forum, which takes in East Chevington, Hadston, Widdrington Village, Cresswell, Widdrington Station and Stobswood and Ulgham, called for more joint social events to help promote unity.

The group said working together on programmes for Easter, bank holidays and the summer holidays would help to foster a stronger community spirit.

One Widdrington resident said: “We should be thinking about things for all the villages to get something going in the whole area.

“There are all sorts of little things that could be done and lots of things that wouldn’t cost a lot, but would bring people together.”

Forum member Jacqueline Bexfield suggested making use of indoor bowling facilities at Widdrington Station Community Centre.

“There are two or three bowling mats and other bowling stuff just sitting doing nothing,” she said.

“The club used to meet two or three times a week at the community centre. There were about 20 people who used to go so it was a nice social gathering.”

Other members agreed a bowling club could be a start and said there should be regular updates about local events at the forum and other community groups to ensure they are supported.

Acting Chairman Brenda Fordy-Scott said: “There is an opportunity here if people want to organise something.

“It is about supporting each other with social activities so that we can make the villages feel more like a whole community.

“Whenever a village has something going on we should encourage all those on the community forum to support it and get involved.”