Broadband team heading out on the road in show season

Nathan Fuller and Sylvia Pringle.
Nathan Fuller and Sylvia Pringle.

The multi-million-pound iNorthumberland project will be taking its superfast broadband message to fairs, events and shows the length and breadth of the county this summer.

First stop is the County Show in Bywell on Monday, May 29, which will be followed by more than 15 visits to some of Northumberland’s best-loved events, including Morpeth Fair Day, Felton and Thirston Fair, Longhorsley Village Day, Whalton Village Show and Morpeth Food Festival.

The iNorthumberland team of digital engagement manager John Cooper, business and community engagement officer Sylvia Pringle, project support officer Nathan Fuller and apprentice Shannon Johnson will be manning a superfast stall.

Mr Cooper said: “Since last summer, the roll-out of superfast broadband has continued across the county, reaching some of our most remote communities – including Craster, Matfen, Slaley and Netherton.

“Getting this technology in the ground is vital, but the maximum benefit for the county as a whole can only be felt if local people and businesses know that the technology is available, understand what it can do for them and start to make use of it.

“At the moment, four out of every 10 households and businesses who can order fibre broadband in Northumberland have done so. This figure is fantastic and much higher than the national average, but we don’t want it to stop there.”

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