Acklington Mart, May 15

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.

North East Livestock Sales Spring Show and Sale of Prime Cattle and Sheep had forward 83 cattle including 17 cows, 1,255 sheep comprising 150 lambs, 584 hoggs and 521 cast ewes.

The show was sponsored by NFS Farm Assurance and judged by Colin Snowdon, Seaham.

The Champion Lim Hfr was shown by H Annett & Sons, Widdrington, and purchased by F Robson, Ryal. 1st Lim Hfr - 227.5p Widdrington bought by F Robson. 2nd Lim Hfr - 221.5p Widdrington purchased by R Turnbull, Alnwick. 1st Lim Str- 231.5p Start Up, C Siswick. 2cnd Lim Str- 224.5p High Highlaws, R Turnbull, Alnwick. 1st Pair Beltex Lambs- 132 M Jordan, Herds House purchased by the judge on behalf of independent meat wholesalers J A Jewitt Ltd, Spennymoor. 2nd- Pair Beltex Lambs- 114 Herds House, J A Jewitt Ltd.

Cattle- A good quality show sold to similar rates.

Lim Hfrs- 227.5p, 221.5p, 219.5p, 213.5p Widdrington, 223.5p, 217.5p, 213.5p Elyhaugh, 213.5p East Coldside. British Blue Hfr- 225.5p Paxton Dene. Lim Strs- 231.5p Chibburn, 224.5p 231.5p High Highlaws, 206.5p Make Me Rich. British Blue Str- 214.5p Paxton Dene. Char Strs- 213.5p Widdrington. Lim Strs- 1536 High Highlaws 1395 Paxton Dene, 1387 Eslington, 1357 Chibburn 1354 Widdrington. Char Strs- 1413 Proctor Steads, 1355 Widdrington. Saler Strs- 1350 Causey Park. British Blue Hfrs- 1353 Paxton Dene. Lim Hfrs- 1335, 1270 Widdrington. Char x Hfrs- 1250 Proctor Steads. Lim Bulls- (35m) 1451 High Highlaws, 1376 (188.5p) High Highlaws.

Cows- Stabilisers- 998, 936, 917 (125.5p 123.5p 121.5p) Framhill. Angus- 912, 911 (136.5p, 127.5p) Birchwood.

Lambs- A good quality show forward averaging £107.50 and 256p.

Beltex- 132, 130 (2), 120 Herds House, 121, 120 Sleekburn (Morley). Texels- 134, 122, 120 West Edington, 124, 118, 116 North Middleton, 120 Grange House. Suffolks- 125, 119 Gallow Moor. Beltex- 330p, 295p, 292p, 279p Herds House, 293p Grange House. Texels- 284p, 278p, 273p West Edington, 279p, 276p (2), 274p North Middleton. Suffolk- 283p Gallowmoor, 269p Herds House.

Hoggs- Flesh still good to sell.

Beltex- 118 (2) Annstead, 114, 110 (2), 109.50 Wooden, 110 Watch Currock. Texels- 114, 113 South Rennington, 113, 111, 109 Ingoe Low Hall, 112 Clarabad Mill, 110 Ulgham Fence. Suffolks- 114.50 Berryhill, 113 Newham Hall, 109.50 Kiplaw, 109 Wooden, Colliery Farm. Beltex- 227p, 216p Watch Currock, 222p (2) Folly House. Texel- 216p Longlea, 210p Intake, East Coldside. Suffolk- 210p Tosson Glebe. BF- 210p Birchwood. Cast ewes- Leaner sorts every bit as dear- stronger, fatter types a bit cheaper. Average- £77. Texel rams- 120 Pasture House, 100 Hillcrest. Beltex Rams- 105 Annstead, 100 Colliery Farm. Texel Ewes- 118 Annstead, 105, 100 Clarabad Mill, 100 (2) Cornhills. Charolais- 98 Oakdene, 94 Northend, Elsdon, Watch Currock. Suffolks- 90 East Coldside, Ingoe Low Hall, Chevington Moor, Pasture House. HB- 90 Berryhill, Brinkheugh. Cheviots- 90 (2) East Ditchburn. Mules- 80 Blagdon Burn, South Rennington, Brinkheugh, Westlands. BF- 74, 62 Hartburn Grange, 61 Shieldykes. Swales- 65 Flexigraze, 61 Donkin Rigg.