Are you good with food locations?

THE Co-operative Group is looking for a helping hand from its Northumberland members to find new store locations.

Its Food Property team has launched a Suggest-a-Site scheme for its six million UK members, who could receive £500 in shopping vouchers if they identify a location or a property that is then acquired and turned into a new Co-op store.

Potential store sites can be any existing business, food or non-food and retail or non-retail, as long as it is on the market. All they need to do is complete an online form on the members’ website.

The organisation is focusing on stores, either leasehold or freehold, between 2,000 and 18,000 sq ft, particularly in high street and local community locations.

Head of Portfolio Strategy, Acquisitions and Disposals Stuart Hookins said: “The Co-operative Group really values its members, and their views and suggestions can really make a difference to the way the business is run.

“We are planning to open around 300 new food stores in the next three years to help grow our business and one way that our members can contribute is by letting us know where they would like to see a new Co-operative food store so we can identify the right properties in the right locations at the heart of local communities.”

The former Morpeth Co-op branch in Back Riggs closed in January 2008.

For more information about the Suggest-a-site scheme or Co-operative membership, visit