Artist Ali makes a good impression

A FORMER police investigator who was made redundant because of public sector cuts has taken fingerprinting to a different level.

Northumberland-based Ali White recently lost her job with North Yorkshire Police, but she has now set up her own business called Unique Impressions.

The 46-year-old, who sells her jewellery at Snows in Morpeth, has gone from taking fingerprints in her role as a police officer to getting children’s finger, foot and hand prints in solid silver and turning them into beautiful bespoke charms.

“Putting your child’s fingerprint into silver captures their youth forever,” she said.

“Parents find it a source of comfort as every time they touch their necklace or bracelet they can feel the fingerprint.

“Of course it’s not just children’s prints I do, I also take adults’ prints as well. I have my partner’s print in my necklace and when I was having tough days at work I would touch it and it would relax me.

“Because I’m independent, I can travel all over the North East. I’m not confined to one area so I have a lot of freedom and I can work around what the clients need.”

For more information about her products, visit the Unique Impressions Fingerprint Jewellery page on Facebook.