Boss Graham looks Stateside

Morpeth businessman Graham Cook.
Morpeth businessman Graham Cook.

A MORPETH businessman has gone Stateside for his new website.

Graham Cook, founder of HR consultancy Inspire People Group, has launched an online service to help parents of out of control teenagers in Britain and Europe access leading edge treatment programmes in the USA.

It enables them to navigate their way through the range of information relating to wilderness programmes, therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centres, also known as ‘brat camps’, that deal with kids suffering from behavioural problems, mental health issues and addictions.

He is pulling together all his experience and contacts that he has gained over the past few years, including visits to a number of these facilities.

“In the last four years I have worked with over 60 families from the UK and EU and I am now ready to take the business to the next level,” said Mr Cook.

“Teaming up with leading psychologist and family therapist Dr Mark Burdick of California has been key to providing a suite of professional services.

“Sadly, these programmes are expensive and as such I tend to deal with only affluent, professional families where their kids have ended up in some very dark and dangerous places.

“On the bright side there are some very important lessons that the Government and our own health sector can learn from these types of programme and I hope this is another example where the private sector can take a lead for others to eventually follow.”

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