Business group plans for more ‘inward trading’

BUSINESSES have been urged to look to each other when considering services or purchases.

The Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade is calling on members to think more about working together and the benefits of ‘inward trading’.

Chairman George Williams presented the idea at the group’s meeting this month and even suggested that businesses could offer discounts to fellow members to support the initiative.

He said: “Trading inwards and working together is something we do, but not with any great commitment, but we can do that.

“If for example you need a new central heating boiler you would know there is someone in the Chamber of Trade who does that and without making a commitment to buy from them, you could at least go to talk to them. The same applies if you were going to buy fish and chips, and I would like to think that if any member is thinking of buying a watch or a ring they would at least look at Osborne’s shop.

“If we are really serious about trading inwards businesses might be prepared to say that any fellow member can have a 10 per cent discount, or whatever, although I realise that not every business is capable of offering discounts.

“The fact is that if you going to someone you know you would expect good service and if you get money off it could be a bonus.

“We should be looking to trade inwards.”

Mr Williams said that new chamber introductory packs will list all of the businesses involved in the group.

Suggestions were put forward to add individual write-ups from traders about what they can offer, and whether discounts will be available from them.