Business takes up free broadband and training

Sara O'Dwyer of Micawber Bookkeeping with Coun Dave Ledger.
Sara O'Dwyer of Micawber Bookkeeping with Coun Dave Ledger.

A former teacher turned bookkeeper is counting on a business boost after receiving free broadband and training.

Morpeth-based Sara O’Dwyer, who set up Micawber Bookkeeping in September, is the first in the county to receive a free upgrade to superfast broadband after completing a fully-funded iNorthumberland Business Support course.

The accountant realised she needed to know more about the internet to maximise her business potential so signed up for the free online training programme.

It offers nine sections, including training on social media, search engine optimisation and cloud technologies, specially designed for small and medium sized enterprises.

Participants can also attend face-to-face masterclasses to learn from experts.

And all eligible businesses that complete at least 12 hours of the programme can apply for a year’s free superfast broadband.

It’s great to hear about recently established companies like Micawber Bookkeeping that are making the most of the training provided by iNorthumberland Business Support.

Dave Ledger Northumberland County Council Deputy Leader and Arch Chairman

Ms O’Dwyer said: “I initially registered with iNorthumberland Business Support to take advantage of the free training, but I am delighted to also benefit from free superfast broadband.

“I would highly recommend the training to other Northumberland-based businesses and look forward to attending more masterclasses myself.”

Northumberland County Council Deputy Leader and Arch Northumberland development company Chairman Dave Ledger said: “We are pleased to be presenting Sara with the first cheque for free superfast broadband, and hope to help many more Northumberland companies to capitalise on the available superfast broadband.”