Call for more information on county site

CALLS are being made for more information on council employees to be uploaded to the authority’s intranet.

Opposition councillors at Northumberland County Council expressed grave concern that some information on employee titles and job descriptions is not included on the single status intranet pages.

Labour Group Leader Grant Davey said failure to include it is hindering trade unions and councillors in advising staff and constituents.

And in a formal motion, he called for the information to be uploaded by the end of the month.

Coun Davey said: “Too many things are secret and kept away from the staff. Year on year we have to make cuts.

“We need the staff to be on our side. The only way to do that is to be open and honest with staff.”

He added that the change would also cut the number of appeals over pay as they could be grouped together into one large appeal if everyone knew what other people were being paid.

Conservative Group Leader Peter Jackson said there is a big issue around staff relations and those at County Hall are more likely to be aware of what is going on compared to staff elsewhere in the county.

“I think there is a real point about openness and accountability and think this is one of the ways we can address it,” he said.

Liberal Democrat councillor Roger Styring agreed, saying: “We are ten years behind. We want to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

However, Coun Lesley Rickerby raised concerns about those employees not in a union and who would look after their interests.