Challenging traditions

Jess Graham and Emma Smith.
Jess Graham and Emma Smith.

A chartered surveying firm is bucking the trend when it comes to women working in rural professions.

The recently-launched RICS Surveying the Future Campaign aims to highlight the low levels of women and minorities working in rural professions such as rural surveyors.

Traditionally a profession dominated by middle class men, the campaign focuses on the career opportunities for all groups in society.

However, it appears times are already changing within the profession, with more women than ever before making a career for themselves in chartered surveying.

Women are making an increasing impact on the industry within H&H Land and Property.

Helen Russell, 31, has been in the industry for nine years, beginning as an assistant rural surveyor and working her way up to become an associate director of the firm.

She said: “It was incredibly tough to work full-time whilst studying in order to have the qualifications I needed to create a career in the industry. I’m so proud of myself for achieving that goal, all the studying paid off.”

Ms Russell advises anyone looking to go into chartered surveying to seek out relevant work experience and gain an understanding of the rural economy.

Emma Smith and Jess Graham, 20, are both currently on the H&H Land and Property graduate scheme. They both believe the industry is changing and becoming less male dominated.