Chamber has new financial regime

A NEW financial regime is under way at Morpeth’s business group.

The Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade has a huge gap in resources after falling victim to a suspected theft.

But the group is determined to recover and now Greater Morpeth Development Trust Chief Executive David Lodge has been put in charge of the finances as Honorary Treasurer.

He is currently working through the accounts to put in place a robust budget, set up clear routines for handling money and payments and establish a thorough invoicing system.

Monthly budget updates will be presented to members and there are plans to set up a database covering all of the chamber’s activity.

Mr Lodge said: “Transparency is the key message here. Any financial information that comes in in terms of bank statements and the like will all be circulated to the committee. I’m happy to talk to any member about the finances, not just now, but throughout the year. If anybody has any questions just contact me.”

The chamber is also working to set up a database of members.