Come clean about your earnings

PRIVATE tutors and coaches in Northumberland who have not declared their roles are being given the chance to come clean about their earnings.

HM Revenue and Customs has offered the Tax Catch-up Plan (TCP) for people providing lessons either as a main or secondary income on which the correct tax has not been paid.

The plan applies to coaches and tutors regardless of their qualifications and will include tuition for academic subjects, fitness, dance, music, art or life coaching services.

The TCP applies to outstanding tax for the years up to April 5, 2010.

Workers have until January 6 to give notice that they plan to make a voluntary tax disclosure.

They must say what they owe and pay the tax, interest and penalties by March 31.

People who register before the deadline are likely to receive the best possible terms for making the tax payments and if they have a penalty it is unlikely to be more than 20 per cent of the unpaid tax.

However, those who are caught from investigations after the deadline will have to pay higher penalties and could face criminal prosecution.

Head of HMRC Campaigns Marian Wilson said: “Our campaigns are designed to ensure tax is paid so that the money is available to spend on public services used by everyone.

“We are making it as easy as possible for people offering tuition and coaching to use this unique opportunity to put their tax affairs in order by making a full disclosure, and benefit from the best possible terms.”

To submit a notification visit or call 0845 601 8817.