Company scoops European award

NORTHUMBRIAN Water has given a five-star performance to gain a prestigious European accolade.

The utility company is the only one of its kind in the UK to receive the highest five-star rating by the British Quality Foundation in the Recognised for Excellence programme.

The scheme aims to reward first-class company performance.

Ratings consider how well a company’s vision and strategy is aligned with day-to-day activity, employee and stakeholder engagement, the use of innovative technology and customers’ perception.

Assessors spent a week with the company, interviewing almost 200 employees from different areas and levels of seniority.

They were particularly impressed with Northumbrian Water’s understanding of customers and its creativity in using new technology.

Chief Executive Heidi Mottram said: “I am extremely proud of this achievement as it recognises that we are a great company that delivers a great service to our customers. It also clearly demonstrates our ongoing commitment to being the national leader in our industry.

“The feedback we have received will help us to identify and prioritise further opportunities to improve, as well as recognise what we do well.”