Concern over delivery changes

CONCERNS have been raised over an application to remove a condition about delivery restrictions for Morpeth’s new supermarket.

The 50,000 sq ft Morrisons food store, being developed by Dransfield Properties, received planning permission in July 2011 and more than 50 conditions were attached to the approval. It is scheduled to open in spring 2013.

Number 49 says that the opening hours shall be limited to between 8am and 10pm Monday to Saturday and any continuous period of six hours from 10am and 6pm on Sundays and Easter Monday. Number 50 restricts the hours of deliveries/servicing – it is not allowed before 7am or after 10pm Monday to Saturday and before 9am or after 10pm on Sundays and Easter Monday.

But while Morrisons wants to make a slight amendment to condition 49, it has applied to remove number 50 so there are no delivery restrictions.

People living in Staithes Lane opposite the site have faced disruption during the construction of the supermarket and now they are worried about the potential impact of servicing taking place at all times of the day.

One of the residents, Barry Lehane, said: “If this application is approved, it’s very likely that once the supermarket is open we will suffer from the noise being made by big delivery trucks going down our lane late at night or early in the morning.

“It’s vitally important we don’t allow this to go through under the radar and I’m concerned that some people will not have noticed the application because it has been submitted close to Christmas.

“I urge fellow local residents and others in Morpeth who are against the removal of this condition to put forward their comments to the county council before the December 31 deadline. The application can be found on the council’s website by typing Staithes Lane in the search box.”