Cookery writers relish the challenge ahead

Duncan and Teresa Peters.
Duncan and Teresa Peters.

A HUSBAND and wife team hope to have the recipe for success in a new business venture.

Duncan and Teresa Peters, who live in Morpeth, have already made a name for themselves in the food industry after producing regional recipe books, featuring top restaurants and chefs, for the north of England and Scotland.

But now they plan to take their Relish Publications business to the next step with an online restaurant guide.

Mr Peters, 44, said: “We realised that the way people were using our current website was changing — it needed not just to support the books, but be on par with them.

“We decided our knowledge of the restaurants featured could be used to put together an online restaurant guide.”

The couple then took their idea to Business Link to seek advice about their proposal and guidance about how to take forward their plans.

“We had an idea of what we wanted to do and how, but needed some advice on how to get going,” said Mr Peters.

“Stuart Downie, our adviser at Business Link, was on hand to provide some invaluable insight that made me ask questions of my business plan and what we wanted to achieve. He was very straight forward and didn’t always tell me exactly what I wanted to hear, but that honesty made his help invaluable.

“I think the best thing about Stuart was his impartiality. The fact that he wasn’t playing an angle like other advisers are inclined to meant that we got the most frank, balanced advice possible.”

The business has taken on an online content co-ordinator to help manage the site.

Mr Downie said: “Relish Publications is a growing North East business with national ambition.

“To realise this ambition much thought and planning has gone into taking their business online.

“This next development should generate profit from sales, allowing the business to continue to expand.

“I’m really pleased for the team at Relish. It’s very rewarding to see people so passionate about something succeeding.”

He added: “Business Link has a team of experts enthusiastic to help new and existing businesses with advice that can make their idea a reality, all they need to do is get in touch.

“I would suggest people get in touch sooner rather than later, however as our free face-to-face advice will no longer be available after November.”

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