Councillors agree coping stone plan for kerbstones

AN alteration has been made to the programme of works at the war memorial in Ponteland.

A proposal to improve the kerbstones as part of the refurbishment of the existing wall was agreed by Ponteland Town Council at a cost of £1,840.

Works have already been carried out at the site because the existing stone wall was badly damaged at either end as vehicles hit it and moved the structure. In order to lower this risk, the authority decided to recreate the small pillars that were an original feature of the memorial.

Alterations to the arrangement of the steps, including an increase in their tread, were also carried out to make it easier for flag parties to ascend.

Explaining the change of plan for the kerbstones at a recent council meeting, Coun Robin Ramsay said: “As part of the work in order to install new steps, the existing kerb had to be broken down and it was established that the kerbstones have relatively deep foundations.

“It was intended to replace them as part of the refurbishment with stone kerbs to match the existing front wall. Thus the removal and replacement will be quite extensive and costly.

“A more effective solution is to face the kerbs with stone about four inches thick and a coping stone to match the new pillars’ capstone.

“This scheme was priced by the contractor as a variation to the contract in the sum of £1,840.”

Funds were raised after the Great War to commemorate the men from Ponteland who had died for their country.

An obelisk, called the Cenotaph, with their names inscribed was erected in 1920 and the Memorial Hall was opened in 1922.