Creative mum Emma has Bundles of business

A CREATIVE mum is hanging out the flags for the Royal wedding as her bunting business booms.

Emma Scott, who lives in Espley, near Morpeth, started her Little Bundles business as a hobby seven years ago.

However, as word spread about her talents she was able to turn her artistic skills into a full-time job.

“This all started in 2004 when my daughter was four,” she said.

“We were driving through Morpeth in the summer when all the bunting was up in the street and she turned to her friend and said, ‘my mum is going to make me some bunting with my name on it’. I thought about it and decided to give it a go and it worked out really well.

“I had been living abroad for ten years and when I came back to England I needed to find something that I could do from home so that I could look after the children. This was perfect.

“At first it was part-time for family and friends, but now I am doing it full time and it is really taking off.”

All of Mrs Scott’s bunting is hand-made. She initially started off making flags for children, but has expanded to weddings, birthdays, Christenings and bespoke designs for other special occasions.

And in recent weeks demand has soared for a patriotic theme as Royal wedding party planning gets into full swing.

“I am really getting a lot of interest now, especially in the Union Jack design,” said Mrs Scott.

“Business has picked up a lot, which is fantastic. It started in mid-March and it has just gone crazy. It has almost doubled in just a few weeks.

“It seems that the whole feeling for traditional British celebrations is coming back.”

Businesses in Newgate Street, Morpeth, have shown their support, with C4 Sightcare, Secrets, Kathryn Trueman Bridal and Stripes all putting up Mrs Scott’s flags.

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