Customer anger at bank changes

A BUSY Mopeth bank is about to undergo a change of ownership.

Lloyds TSB in Newgate Street will be transferred to the Co-operative Group as part of a national deal involving 632 branches.

Lloyds has been ordered to sell the branches to comply with European rules on state aid.

However, not all customers are happy about the changes.

And Norman Wake, of Morpeth, is angry that customers have not been properly informed.

“I’m a major account holder and I’m really angry about it,” he said.

“There was no real announcement of any closures whatsoever.

“I found out because I got correspondence about new account numbers.

“I queried what was going on and the bank said that the branch was closing and accounts would transfer to the Co-operative Bank.

“This is quite major and most people who bank at Lloyds in Morpeth will not know what is going on.”

A spokeswoman for Lloyds TSB said: “The branch isn’t closing. The European Union has ordered us to divest 600 of our branches and we are in negotiations with the Co-operative to buy them.

“The branch in Morpeth is included as one of those branches so it will be transferred to new ownership.”