David steels himself to share hard truths

A MORPETH business guru who became his own boss believes that Northumberland’s small and medium businesses can be successful even in tough economic times.

David Steel set up Facet Solutions last June after having worked in corporate life for 20 years.

The Stobhill Manor resident gained extensive experience at senior management and director level, first in the automotive industry with R-TEK LTD and then with specialist company training firms such as Assa Training & Learning and The Intraining Group.

In recent years he has worked with companies across the country to develop both the workforce and management so they can be more effective and improve the business performance.

Now he is running his own company, which provides business coaching, training and consultancy with a very personal approach. And he is prepared to give some hard truths to achieve results.

“It has been a goal of mine for many years to do my own thing. Last summer the opportunity presented itself and I felt I was ready,” said the 49-year-old.

“What I do is work with managers and directors who know the levels they want to reach but don’t know how to get there. It comes down to people and processes.

“An important part of this is behavioural development. If management and workers have the right motivation and attitude, this will increase productivity and profit.

“Even in the current economic climate, if SMEs are run effectively they can achieve their goals and they will then flourish when the economy improves.

“I wouldn’t have set up my own company if I didn’t think it was possible for businesses to do well.

“With owners and managers, I will be their friend, but their critical friend.

“Some of them do need a reality check because they think their business is further ahead than it actually is.”

Quantum Elite in Blyth, which provides legal services such as ensuring people get appropriate representation for non-fault accident claims, is one of the companies that has received support from Mr Steel.

Managing Director Lisa Delf said: “David has enabled us to look in depth at how we direct our time towards the business needs as opposed to the work the business has created.

“We found that because he made us take a step back, what we do is now more effective and more cost productive.”