Don’t fall foul of tyre labelling

A COMPANY with a Morpeth presence has launched a motorists’ guide to educate consumers about the new EU tyre labelling legislation.

The new regulations mean that every tyre sold in Europe must be clearly labelled from November, giving clear ratings for fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise.

This directive will in turn make driving more cost-effective, increase road safety and reduce the environmental impact caused by tyres for motorists.

Showing motorists the way through the often confusing process of how to choose a tyre, Tyre Labelling World has been developed to give customers the full story on tyre labelling all under one virtual roof.

It provides them with objective, reliable and comparable information on each tyre and aiding them to make the right tyre choice to suit their needs.

HiQ, which has an outlet in the Coopies Lane Industrial Estate, has also created handy guides, infographics, downloadable collateral and leaflets. Visit