Expansion on the menu for chippy

Carlo Biagioni .
Carlo Biagioni .

AWARD-winning fish friers are branching out their business to bring their expertise to Morpeth.

Carlo’s fish and chip shop in Alnwick has built up a strong reputation for the quality of its food and has not only achieved a prestigious five-star quality award from the National Federation of Fish Friers, but has also been described as one of the best in Britain by the group.

Now the family behind the success hope to bring the same service to Morpeth as they take over Gormans shop in New Market.

Laura Biagioni, whose husband Carlo gave his name to the business, said: “We have been in business as Carlo’s in Alnwick for over 22 years and now we are expanding to Morpeth.

“We think Morpeth is up and coming and thriving so it needs a good fish and chip shop like ours.

“We have been planning this for a while and when we heard that the owner of Gormans was retiring we decided to take the opportunity to expand our business.”

The roots of Carlo’s go back four generations in Laura’s family from when her grandfather Joe Piacentini left his native Italy for Scotland and set up a chip shop.

In turn, his son, also named Joe, took over the business and taught both Laura and Carlo the trade.

Their daughter and son-in-law Sonia and Adam Alexander now help to run the Alnwick shop, and Mr and Mrs Biagioni’s nephew Andrew Watt and his fiancee Abbie Flake are joining the business to work in the new Morpeth outlet.

“It is a real family business,” said Mrs Biagioni.

“When Carlo came over to this country my father taught him the business so it has now been going for four generations.

“My husband is Chairman of the Chamber of Trade in Alnwick and has joined the Chamber of Trade in Morpeth now.

“We have a strong sense of community, very high standards and will be bringing our excellent fish and chips to Morpeth.”

The shop will open on Thursday, October 6, and the first 60 customers will each receive a small gift.