Games galore on offer at weekly market stall

Andrew Shaper of Pocket Money Toys and Games.
Andrew Shaper of Pocket Money Toys and Games.

Each month, one of the traders at the Wednesday market in Morpeth tell their story. Next up is Pocket Money Toys and Games run by Andrew Shaper.

Andrew has been a regular at Morpeth Market for more than a year, joining just after the market re-launch in October 2013.

He prides himself on keeping up with the trends and providing a great selection of gifts and pocket money toys to suit every budget.

His products start at just £1 and go up to around £30. They include various items with a Disney theme, Transformer toys and ever-popular board games.

There are special offers on a regular basis and Andrew is also happy to take orders for different products.

He said: “I find here at Morpeth you get a lot of repeat custom and the people are very friendly.

“I now have my regulars here who I see week after week, which is really nice.”