Have your say on advertising

BUSINESSES and community groups who use outdoor advertising have been invited to help shape new council procedures.

Northumberland County Council has adopted a new policy and practice for considering advertising proposals following outcry last year when a number of businesses were ordered to take down their signs.

Chief Executive Steve Stewart demanded an urgent review of the policies and came to compromise agreements while it was carried out.

Now the council is seeking input from those affected by the regulations about their practical introduction.

Parish and town councils, chambers of trade, business associations, agencies and other groups have been invited to view the policy and give their views.

Council Executive Member for Development Management Tom Brechany said: “We want to introduce a new approach to considering proposals for outdoor adverts, including providing clear guidance on what type of adverts are acceptable and when formal consent will be required.

“We know that suitable promotion is critical to thriving local businesses and we hope that our new approach will make the process of agreeing the best form of outdoor advertising more straight forward.”

Some adverts, such as certain public notices, temporary signs, posters and bus shelter adverts, are exempt from planning controls and have deemed consent, provided they conform to specific conditions, but most advertising, including business signs, require express consent, taking account of issues of public safety and their effect on amenity.

For more information, or to take part in the consultation, visit www.northumberland.gov.uk