Hay, it’s really catching on

HORSING around has brought success to a Northumberland inventor as he exports his products across the globe.

The Herald previously reported how Hartburn resident Richard Cansdale had created a haynet-filling gadget to take the strain out of feeding horses.

Now five years on, his HayMate is picking up sales across the UK, and he has also started selling it to customers in Ireland, France and the United States.

Mr Cansdale said: “People just seem to stumble across it on the internet. I’ve probably made about 150 to 200 now.

“People just find the mechanism so easy.

“There are other products, but some people find them more trouble than they are worth so they would rather spend a little more and get something that is easy to use and robust.”

Mr Cansdale came up with the idea after suffering back ache while filling hay nets for the family ponies.

The HayMate grips a net while it is filled and then releases it with a simple turn of the handles.

The original design was made from an old cot, but now there are several versions available.

“We get wonderful feedback and some of it is quite funny,” said Mr Cansdale.

“There is a big yard using the HayMate, but the owner says the stable girls aren’t happy because they used to spend all morning chatting while they filled the hay nets together and now just one girl fills all the nets.

“There are several models now for different uses. There’s a top of the range one, one that hangs on the wall and one I’m working on at the moment which can weigh the hay very accurately.”

Further details are available online at www.haymate.net